The Three Colorful Fish

Just talking to my daughter at college about what to name my blog, nothing came to mind until I looked at three plastic fish, sitting on my desk. They belong to my daughter, more on that later.

Okay, it’s not really about fish, I just had a brain fart and when she asked me, I came up blank. It seems I have so many different things going on at any given time, my brain just engages and disengages without me having to do a thing.

When did I become so dependent on my computer? When did it become the focal point for my days? I do know that we are evolving and changing on a day to day basis, in terms of how we communicate, how we interact with others, how we do our work, how we play. A lot of people don’t see the need or necessity for the Internet, but so many others wouldn’t know what to do without it.  Then there are those who use it as an excuse to not do housework, not take care of their families, not get out of their jammies (okay, I admit to that one!), to gambling, online sex, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Look at me now, isn’t there something else I might be doing instead of sitting here putting my thoughts down on this blog? Well, possibly. I did just get done making a nice potato salad (nummy), tucked my daughter into bed, put the dog in her crate, finished loading the dishwasher, and have continued to post & list items that I have for sale on my Ravelry account. Okay, that last one does have to do with the ‘Net, but in the two+ years since I closed my brickfront store (due to health issues), I have, like so many others, turned to online sales of my items. And, since I’m putting it all out there, I no longer write in a journal, although I know a lot of people who still do, I find it much more gratifying to type it all out. Plus, the fact that you can get so much more written than if you’re doing it long hand.

I have two Etsy accounts, a Ravelry account, a Deviant Art account, my own stores website, keep all my bills and information there, which makes it so much easier to pay them. I’m able to keep in touch with friends and family via Facebook and Google+, Yahoo; you name it and there’s an application or device that allows you to do it. I love it!!  That’s all there is to it.

Yes, it’s a changing world, and basically, if you don’t move along with the traffic, you’ll get stuck in the slow lane. I for one, don’t like driving slow.content___media_external_images_media_162 content___media_external_images_media_64

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  1. TheGhostHybrid says:

    I like how you’ve woven your thoughts together here. It’s sweet, concise, and feels almost like idle thinking without being incomprehensible. =) Plus, those pictures are pretty much perfect fits.

    1. Thank you sweetie. Nice to know I can put together more than a few cohesive thoughts. Isn’t it funny though, how you can start one thought and it becomes something else altogether? But yeah, I liked how it turned out too.

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