Feeling better

Ugh, what a crappy day—didn’t feel like moving much. Got MIL breakfast and back to bed, but felt a migraine coming on so decided to take some Exedrin Migraine and lay back. Kind of an odd feeling all over, sort of shaky and my face hurt around the front and the temple. After I got pillows moved around to the most comfortable, I finally felt into a restless sleep. It only lasted about an hour, but upon waking, I was feeling mostly better, but still kinda shaky.

I got on the computer, wandered around a bit, played a game or two and posted on FB, but then I started to shake. I mean, I could feel my hands shaking and when I stopped what I was doing and held them out in front of me, I was visibly shaking. What the hell?? Thinking that my blood sugar might be low (why, I don’t know, I’m not diabetic, but my MIL is), I went in the kitchen and grabbed a (sugar-free, duh) coconut creme pie and took a few quick bites.

Went in and got my MIL ready for her dinner, gave her her meds and insulin shot and by the time I got her dinner to her, I was feeling better. Still don’t know what the heck was going on, but the shaking stopped.

Having some female problems, been trying to deal with it, but I’m thinking that some of what is going on is related to that. Supposed to see my Dr on the 11th of June, but I may have to go in sooner, if I continue with the other issues that have been plagueing me.


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