Next stage of life.

Well, the last of the kidlets is off to college, now it’s my turn (again).

Different set of priorities now, trying to have more definition in my life. Still taking care of 100_4815my ex’s Mom, it’s nice to have someone else in the house, so its not TOTALLY empty nest! We seem to have a (mostly) good rapport, unless she’s having a really bad emotional day. That’s to be expected I guess, owing to her illness(es).

It was bittersweet leaving Portland and my two girls on their own. Sierra has been dealing with college and being on her own for three years now, and it’s getting easier for her as time goes on. I’m very proud of the progress she’s made over the last few years and soon she’ll be on to the next phase of her life.

Skyler is the baby, but not really; only in terms of being the youngest. She is very savvy about money and I know she can take care of herself, she’s been doing so for the better part of her life, so there’s no worries there. It’s just nerve wracking and scary to think of her traversing the big city by herself. So many wonderful people, but it only takes one crazy one to muck up the whole “independence” thing.

I have no doubt they’ll do fine, I just worry.  Guess that’s my lot in life at this juncture. Strangely enough, while up there, my Mom did the same thing to me, when I couldn’t get back to her one day, and she was worried about me. Motherhood, one of those jobs you have for life.

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