Lo-o-ong Trip!

Just got back from our trek to the Midwest. Took my Mother in Law to see her daughter Linda in Wathena, Kansas. Was quite an interesting trip. I love driving, done a lot of it over the years, been to California numerous times, Canada, all the western states of course. Actually drove from Quantico, Virginia with my sis when we were both in our 20’s, when she was transferred to Camp Pendleton in California. That was quite a trip!

My mother in law is 84 and has schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, is diabetic and has a myriad of other age related issues. All of this is managed with medication, which means that unless she’s having a really bad day, or becomes incontinent, then the trip would be fairly pleasant. 

Which it was, for the most part. I’m the one that had some of the issues! Headaches, earaches, a stitch in my side one night, stubbed my big toe on my right foot so badly, it took a while to stop bleeding. The biggest issue was my MIL’s snoring. She sounds like a chainsaw and it just made it nearly impossible for me to sleep!!

I finally gave her some nasal strips to help alleviate the snoring, it did help tremendously. I can’t really get too crazed about it though, since I snore as well. The only difference being, she always went to sleep before I did. Just one of those things~


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