Coincidence or…?

Coincidence is one of those really odd things that you just don’t think about until it really hits you in the face.

In October, I went up to my “daughter Tarra’s” wedding in SF. I always wear one or two certain pair of earrings–Pair 1, with rubies and diamonds in a leaf design and Pair 2, three cascading hearts with diamonds in each heart. The third pair is whatever I like that might suit the occasion.

I had on pair 1 and pair 2, but when we left to come home, I took off pair 2 for the drive back to Oregon. At least, I THINK I did. Once I got home, unpacked, cleaned out purses and ditty bags and such–I realized that one of the pair 2 earrings was gone. I checked and rechecked and triple checked, then checked several more times and could not find the earring.

Backstory…When my ex and I were going through rough times, he purchased these and gave them to me on our way back from Portland after my Dad’s funeral in 2004. I wasn’t particularly gracious when I accepted them, but my sis Melanie, said I should reconsider our issues and accept them and try to work on our marriage. He was offering me an olive branch and at that time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take it. But, I accepted the earrings and thought about what it would take to make our marriage work.

Back to the present…currently selling all extra and non-essential stuff in my life, which includes a lot of purses. I’d switched out various purses in the time since the wedding until Thanksgiving–listed about 15 purses and got tagged on a lot of them. Sold several singularly, but one lady wanted about 5 or 6 of them. Before I sold them, I checked and rechecked and triple checked all pockets, zippers, linings, etc just on the off chance that the earring had fallen out somewhere; and, of course, to make sure there was nothing else I’d inadvertantly left in any of them. When she came by to pick them up, I showed her the match to the missing earring and asked her if by any chance she found it in the ensuing months would she please let me know? She said of course she would.

I’ve kept quite a few oversize purses to use when I travel–mostly to put extra shoes, electrical cords, snacks, bottled drinks, all the usual “last-minute-throw-it-in-the-car” stuff that you could probably do without, but take along “just in case.” Went up to Portland this year for Thanksgiving with my family and of course, had 3 extra large bags that I always use on trips.

It was a hectic week, as I was also apartment hunting with my two girls and we had appointments on Monday and Friday; as well as wanting to help my sis, Melanie with the Thanksgiving meal prep (I didn’t really do much, she’s way too efficient for me). On Wednesday, Melanie and I were in the upstairs bathroom chatting after her shower and she asked me if I’d seen her nose ring. She has a tiny ring that she removes when she showers and somehow she lost it and wondered if I’d seen it. I told her no, and recounted the story of the missing earring. I really hoped she’d find it, asked her if she’d checked under the bathroom rugs, etc. Whereupon she reached down, lifted up one of the rugs and there it was!! In the indentation between the floor tiles. We were both like, Wow! How cool is that!??

This whole exchange took maybe 10 minutes and then she had to get back to work and I had to finish getting ready to go meet my girls. I went back in my room, grabbed one of my large travel bags to transfer wallet, dog treats, and other miscellaneous items to my purse before I left. Reaching into the bag while sitting on the bed, I felt some little thing that I “kind of” recognized by touch, but not sure. I pulled it out and was absolutely STUNNED to see my missing earring!!

Now, I know what some might think—how did I know it wasn’t the non missing one?? Well, when I originally couldn’t find the match, I took the one that I had and taped it onto the top of my adding machine on my desk. I would look at it from time to time and get up and check some other place that I thought the missing one might be. Totally unrealistic; I had backtracked and checked so many places since I lost it I was just boggy from it all and had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would never find the missing earring. I had even contacted the hotel we stayed at in SF and they didn’t find it either (of course).

The fact of the matter is, I was also quite taken aback by how it all fell into place in such a serendipitous way!! Two things missing; I was 350 miles away from home and twice that from where I thought I’d originally lost it; my sis was at home, doing what she does every single day and not thinking anything unusual about it; and we were both discussing items that we lost.

Even though my ex and I eventually did divorce, I always had a bad feeling about how I acquired them, how I acted when he gave them to me and the overall meaning behind them, so in the end I felt very connected to them. Not because of the diamonds, but because of what they truly meant. Maybe I’m attaching too much significance to them, but then again, maybe not.100_3882

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  1. The picture is of my sis, Melanie and I at her home, Thanksgiving 2012.

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