A Little Snow for Portland

It’s not often we get any snow in Portland, Oregon–as the snow level here is just about sea level (50 feet), so when it does snow, all hell kind of breaks loose!

For most folks born and raised here, driving in ANY snow is just plain scary. They don’t know how to navigate it–either driving too fast or too slow, and schools have difficulty trying to decide just when to call a snow day. There’s a running joke in most areas of the state (or country, for that matter), wherein people who are used to regular snowfall in the winter think it’s just plain funny when Portlanders “freak out” when a few inches come down. Most of the time, that snow is gone in a very short time, but it doesn’t stop many from thinking it’s going to bring their day to day lives to a screeching halt.

I was born and raised in Portland, moved away and lived in Klamath Falls, Oregon for 30 years before moving back home to Portland just this year. I drive an SUV and 3, 6, 10 or even 20 inches or more of snow is just the norm in any given winter. Most people don’t even think about, they just go out, clear off their car, shovel the driveway and head off down the road.

For there to be a snow day, there has to be some seriously heavy duty white stuff coming down. When my girls first got their drivers licenses, it was pretty much the standard that they still drove themselves (if they had a car), to school, games, work, friends, etc. Again, not much thinking about it, just go out and do it.

I love the snow, I got used to it in Klamath Falls and I’m glad I moved back to my place of birth–Portland. I didn’t really think the snow would follow, but that’s okay—I think I can handle it!



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