Spring has sprung…

Well, it’s that time again, and it seems to me that it literally jumped out at us from nowhere!! One minute it’s cold and drippy and miserable and the next…everything is blooming!!

We had a heckuva winter here, a lot of my friends and family blamed the snow on me…”you brought it with you…we haven’t had weather like this in years!…SNOWWWW..??..in Portland???…seriously, this does not happen here!! It’s all your fault, you moved back from Klamath Falls after 30 years and the shit snow that happens down there and you brought it with you!!”

Taken with a grain of salt…Hahaha…yeah, I brought it with me. But seriously, I moved back to Portland two years ago to get back to my home town and get away from all this crap weather…yet, the snow fell. And fell. And fell. What the hell is going on?? One of those random weather patterns that skips in every 10-20 years and throws everyone for a loop.

In all my movements from one part of the state to the other, I never really considered that oddities in the weather patterns would affect me, but they did. Kinda like they wanted to make sure I didn’t forget the extremes of southern Oregon. The first year we moved to the area, we bought a farm and some acreage in Bly, Oregon, which is about 55 miles from the nearest town of Klamath Falls.

We moved in April 1985 and got things set up fairly quickly. However, in July of that year, it snowed like nobodies business!!! We were like…”What the Hell!!! Snow in July, we were informed that this area had, like, 270+ days of sunshine in the year…what the hell was going on with snow in July???!?

Nonetheless, we settled in and my hubby started making the 110 mile round trip in to the Air Base in Klamath Falls each day. It was  more than a little scary, when one considered just how much the weather played into the day to day  travels from Bly to Klamath Falls. Not a single day went by that we weren’t blindsided by the peculiar weather patterns; so it made for a day to day challenge to see just what the southern Oregon weather had to offer us.

After a few years, it occurred to us that we really needed to be closer to Klamath Falls, as my husband had quite a few years to go until his retirement, so, when a close friend & his wife divorced, we moved in and eventually bought his home from him. It worked out well, we were actually just around the corner from the Air Base, so we settled in and got comfy.

In the ensuing years, life intruded and my husband and I separated in 2004 and eventually divorced in 2008. I retained the Klamath Falls house while he moved to Lakeview, a smaller town approximately 95 miles to the east.

In trying to update and modernize my home, it took some time to get things moving along and in the ensuing years, my daughters and I worked to clean up and clear out the property. The weather did not help. Not in the least!! Every year, it seemed the snow got deeper and the winters longer and longer. Being a single Mom, this was more than a little daunting, but we pressed on. Finally, we found the perfect family to move in and buy our home!

The plan had always been to move back to the Portland area, which was my home town, so, finally, in early spring of 2015, my MIL and I were able to move north and settle in to a nice little condo in NE Portland.

Then, the weather intruded!! Surprise, surprise!!! Here comes the snow! The first year back home (2015) we had snow, but not overwhelming. This past year, 2016…OMG! What a nightmare!!! It was like I’d never left Klamath Falls and everybody I knew was saying…Sherrie!!! What did you bring with you?? What is this crappy weather??! Funny, haha…NOT!!

Things have mellowed out quite a bit in the last few weeks and months. Trees and bushes are blooming and spreading their wings and just blossoming like nobodies business!! The greenery is gorgeous and so out there!!!! The rebirth of the season is in full swing and we are so lucky to be able to enjoy and relish in the changing of the seasons!!

Every year, it seems that the foliage, greenery and new growth is even more intense and surreal, but it’s really all about the changing of the seasons and the burgeoning new growth that seems to be ever more resplendent and promising. Welcome, enjoy and relish the new year!! The promise of tomorrow is ever in our grasp!



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